Returning to Work

8….the number of days until I return to my job. I have such mixed emotions about this transition. I love my job but my heart is breaking at the thought of missing so much of my little girl’s day. What if she has a milestone while my gone? She is so close to sitting unassisted and crawling does not seem far off either. What if she gets hurt? So many worries have been floating through my head. But mostly I’m going to miss the lazy mornings, afternoon cuddles, her smiles and giggles. All the ordinary yet extraordinary things that happen during the day. I am also surrendering so much control to my father (who will be watching her). He will be shaping her day and in turn her mind and behavior now too. It feels unnatural for me not to be the one doing that. But I also know that my job is something that is important to our family’s livelihood and my sense of self.  I hope one day it will provide my daughter with a good example of how women can find success and fulfillment at both work and home. I know my baby will be in amazing hands with my dad. He is more neurotic than me when it comes to safety, he is fun, and he is extremely caring. He loves nature and will take her on daily walks.  He loves music and will play great tunes for her. Most importantly he will follow my husbands and I’s requests on what to do and what not to do. (He is definitely the grandparent most likely to follow our wishes haha). He will avoid screentime. He will follow the eating and napping schedule. In fact out of all of Brynns grandparents, my dad is probably the one who is most like me in terms of parenting style and personality. All of this brings me comfort but it does not change the fact that I am going to miss a lot. My babies world is getting bigger and bigger. I will always cherish the past 5 and a half months. It has been the best time of my life.

3 thoughts on “Returning to Work

  1. It’s hard that’s for sure, but you will find that the time you do get to spend with her becomes intensely quality…that is the real good thing about going back to work!!! Good luck ☺️


  2. Shucks no pictures! I honestly didn’t have too bad of a time going back to work. I think trusting who she’s with is a huge part of that. And coming home to her is pretty damn great. Just wait until you come back after being gone the entire day and her face lights up when she sees you! It is seriously the best thing in the whole world. Good luck mama! You’ll be fine! (although I did cry myself to sleep the night before…)


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